Enhance the privacy and security of your property with our top-quality Colorbond fence panels. At Fencing Fabrication, we specialise in the supply and installation of stylish and durable Colorbond fences and gates that are perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

Our Colorbond fences are built to withstand Perth’s climate, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance. With a range of heights, decorative options, and 27 vibrant colours to choose from, you can create a fence that perfectly matches your property’s style. Plus, our Colorbond fences come with a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind.

You can trust our skilled team to provide professional installation or choose the supply-only option for your DIY project. Contact us today to enhance your property with a sleek and secure Colorbond fence.


With over 11 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide professional supply and installation services with a real focus of workmanship.

  • Manufactured and designed locally in WA
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Custom-made to suit your requirements
  • Complete installation or supply only
  • Fast turn around time
  • Compliant


  • Is Colorbond fencing suitable for the Perth climate?

    Colorbond fencing is specifically designed to withstand the diverse weather conditions in Perth and throughout Western Australia. It is engineered to be durable, resistant to cracking, peeling, chipping, and warping under normal conditions. Its robust construction makes it an excellent choice for the local climate.

  • What height options are available for Colorbond fencing?

    Colorbond fencing offers a range of height options to suit your needs. In Perth, you can choose heights ranging from 900mm to 2100mm. Whether you require a fence for added privacy or to secure your property, there is a suitable height available to meet your requirements.

  • Can I customise the colour and design of my Colorbond fence?

    Absolutely! Colorbond fencing offers a wide selection of 27 vibrant colours to choose from. You can mix and match colours for a unique look or opt for a single colour to achieve a sleek and consistent appearance. Additionally, there are design options available, such as lattice or ball top post caps, allowing you to add decorative elements to your fence.

  • Do you provide installation services for Colorbond fencing?

    Do you provide installation services for Colorbond fencing? Yes, we provide professional installation services for Colorbond fencing in Perth. Our team of skilled fencing contractors will ensure that your Colorbond fence is installed with precision and expertise. If you prefer a hassle-free experience, we can handle the installation for you. However, if you wish to take on a DIY project, we also offer supply-only options, providing you with the materials you need for your Colorbond fence.

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