Exceptional Colorbond Gates in Perth by Fencing Fabrication

In the realm of gate solutions, Fencing Fabrication brings you the epitome of aesthetics and functionality with Colorbond gates. Renowned for its modern look and seamless design, our Colorbond gates promise unparalleled privacy and steadfast security. Enjoy the dual advantage of a gate that stands as a visual treat and assures effortless upkeep, coupled with cost-efficient repair options.

Fencing Fabrication Presents: Tailored Colorbond Gates Just for You

Experience the inherent qualities of Colorbond—lightweight yet robust, creating an economic and enduring solution for your gate security needs.

Choose from a variety of colours and hardware. Have an existing fence you wish to match? Send us a photo and our team will ensure your new gate blends with it smoothly.

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With over 11 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide professional supply and installation services with a real focus of workmanship.

  • Manufactured and designed locally in WA
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Custom-made to suit your requirements
  • Complete installation or supply only
  • Fast turn around time
  • Compliant


  • How much does a Colorbond gate cost in Perth?

    The cost of a Colorbond gate in Perth varies based on several factors, including its size, design, and additional customisations. On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from AUD $250 to AUD $1000 or more. It’s always best to request a quote from local suppliers or installers for precise pricing tailored to your specific needs.

  • What size is a standard Colorbond gate?

    A standard Colorbond gate typically measures around 1 metre in width and 1.8 metres in height. However, it’s important to note that ‘standard’ sizes can vary among manufacturers and suppliers. If you have specific space or design requirements, it’s advisable to consult directly with a local supplier in Perth.

  • How wide can Colorbond gates be?

    Colorbond gates can be custom-made to fit various widths. While single gates typically range from 0.8 metres to 1.5 metres wide, double gates (for wider access points) can extend up to 3 metres or even more in width. Custom orders can accommodate specific width requirements, but it’s essential to discuss the feasibility with a local Perth manufacturer.

  • How tall is a Colorbond gate?

    Standard Colorbond gates usually come in heights of 1.2 metres, 1.5 metres, and 1.8 metres. However, if you have specific privacy or security needs, gates can be customised to be taller. It’s best to consult with a Colorbond gate provider in Perth to determine the best height for your property and to understand any potential height restrictions.

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